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ROSCOE the RASSLER är rekommenderad av bigchicago (2017-09-19)

What a fun, funny, and awesome guy. We got to be sub training partners at the clash last year, and I hope we get to meet up again soon.


Swiss-Fighter är rekommenderad av abradtner (2017-09-19)

It's great having the opportunity to meet this awesome man.
The pictures don’t always tell the truth. He is much more muscular and handsome than his pictures. He is a Greek God, with a beautiful smile, a gorgeous face in a great shape – massive hairy pecs, broad shoulders, nice abs, huge arms and thighs.
When I first met him in person, I thought “What did I just get myself into? He would destroy me effortlessly.” This mundane stood no chance against the Greek God. He knew how to use his muscles to his advantage, to punish his opponent. My dirty moves didn't work, he gave them right back harder. Everytime I fought back, I got more punishment. When I begged for his mercy, he reduced the pain and then increased it. He made me tap multiple times. He broke me over and over, pushed me to the breaking point and beyond.
It was a one-sided match. I tried to fought back, but I failed, and he made me submit in physical and mental.
Hope to have a re-match with him in the future.


Parisian är rekommenderad av blackmen13 (2017-09-19)

Parisian es un mec très gentil gars et agréable a combattre car il est a l'écoute de son partenaire ,il est puissance et redoutable car il a une bonne carrure et on c'est bien amusé ensemble et on ce reverra prochainement ,je le conseille vivement .


judokasf är rekommenderad av roninjobber (2017-09-19)

One of the coolest guy I've meet on the site , after few chats I was lucky to finally meet this guy just a day before he left London , easy going on and off the mats and played safe all the time . I wish we could had more time so looking forward for a second round in the future:-)


philliwrestler är rekommenderad av sleepermuscle (2017-09-19)

Cute jobber boy that suffers really well but don't be fooled by that face. He doesn't go down without a fight and can dish it out as well. Great back and forth pro style match. Very fun time! I will definitely hit this boy up again on my next trip to Philly.


Andy Cage är rekommenderad av NorthNotts (2017-09-19)

Been messaging andy for years but today the match finally happened at an hours notice. It didn't disappoint. He is a great guy to chat to and even betterto wrestle. Was supposed to be a heel / jobber match. But ended up being competitive. Wrestled for just under an hour. Highly recommended


DenverWrestler är rekommenderad av SubsPins83 (2017-09-19)

Allen is strong and tough and certainly put me in some painful positions. He has enough skill and experience to dominate whilst I never felt in danger of being injured. Good fun match.


heated17 är rekommenderad av Mat74 (2017-09-19)

Benché dica di essere "beginner", Heated17 non lo è affatto. Si è rivelato avversario accanito ed entusiasta oltre che persona piacevolissima e disponibile. Da sfidare e incontrare più volte. Alla prossima!


DenverWrestler är rekommenderad av eastcheshireguy (2017-09-19)

Sept 2017

Pleased to catch up with this renowned guy on his 2017 UK tour. I'd just spent a week lying on a lounger by the pool whereas his schedule had been a but more hectic so I was looking forward to matching him better this time!

We had a great couple of hours of to and fro wrestling. He's in great shape and has some well defined legs you need to stay out of the way of. Taps went either way and the steam was rising as we worked for our advantage. Excellent time and he still had the time to pass on some useful tips.

An each way massage session to ease the aches was next and then a good chat about the wrestling world.

Can't wait to catch him on his 2018 tour and hopefully with more time.

Still 100% rec'd!

May 2016

Missed this guy on his '15 tour but pleased to catch him on his '16 tour. He's a fit, strong, experienced guy with very similar stats so a good challenge was expected. I wasn't dissappointed! Two great hours of sweaty rolling followed - he had the edge but I like to think I made him work for it! Some great tips he passed on helped my cause. After a break we did some give and take to finish off a great session.

Interesting guy to chat to, both his wrestling experiences and some other shared interests.

Well recommended by me if you can catch as he wrestles his way around the world!


lucasvix är rekommenderad av negoluta (2017-09-19)

Um dos melhores lutadores, manja muito de submission, tem uma força, habilidade e bastante tecnica, é um cara muito gente boa, super humilde, disposto a te orientar e ajudar a progredir, com certeza virou um amigão e espero poder lutar mais vezes.

50737 recommendations

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