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Jerseygrappler är rekommenderad av Brown Bomber (2017-02-23)

Good strong wrestler with a size 12 foot and he knows how to use it. He put me in a lot of holds and had me tapping and when I finally said no more he planted that size 12 on my chest and flexed his biceps. Looking forward to getting another shot to redeem myself.


lancerguy001 är rekommenderad av briansp (2017-02-23)

What a fun, good-looking, sexy, easy-going guy! He made for a great opponent! We had a super match. I had an unfair advantage as I outweigh him by many pounds, but this stud was soooo much fun! He wasn't intimidated and gave me his all! We're sure to match up again sometime soon. If you get the chance, don't pass up lancerguy001!


ThisIsTeal42 är rekommenderad av Jannsport85 (2017-02-23)

Nice guy. Very strong and all around a good match.


Brown Bomber är rekommenderad av averagejoe (2017-02-23)

Have rolled with the Bomber a whole bunch of times, and never had anything less than a blast. I know that we have many matches still to come, and am looking forward to all of them. If you want to do some wrestling that is low key, with whatever intensity level you want to set, this is your guy. All about just having a good time.


strongstorm är rekommenderad av averagejoe (2017-02-23)

Strongstorm is an awesome guy and a spirited wrestler. Always have a blast when we roll. High marks and a strong recommendation.


NCJockstrap är rekommenderad av ready2fight (2017-02-23)

Cannot recommend Dwayne enough - both fun and intense to grapple with on the mats and a pleasure to converse with off of them. Do not miss the chance to wrestle with him.


MEGRAPPLE är rekommenderad av wrestled (2017-02-23)

Megrapple came for a mewrestle all the way from the garden of England and he didn't disappoint. His matroom banter was of high caliber and only out done by his rather distracting laugh.
Pleasantries aside, he fought with determination, fresh cockiness and to be sure, he was a worthy opponent.
Punctual, hygienic, easy company and a good laugh when one was not trapped in his well executed headlocks.
If you get the chance to take him on, then do. He gets a High recommendation and I'm looking forward to a second battle in due course.


vangcuver är rekommenderad av xiaoyangimp (2017-02-23)

Vangcuver is a very nice fighter. It's my first time but I thought I could handle him easily with my judo techniques. At first everything was fine, I pin him with different hold-downs over several minutes, and start strangulating him with sankaku-jime and RNC, but released because I want more fun. That's the biggest mistake I made. Vangcuver mounted on me and transit to the school boy pin, then applied head figure 4 lock. When I trapped between his legs, I knew how big the mistake I have made. I can do nothing but submit.

My judo pant was taken off and the erotic round starts... This time I got a chance to finish him with RNC, no more release.

Anyway, vangcuver is a real good fighter and pay attention to his strong finisher, you might got a critical!


LatinoPro är rekommenderad av averagejoe (2017-02-23)

Latino pro is awesome. He has a great attitude and is loaded with enthusiasm. In addition, he has a toolbox full of fun and challenging pro moves. Def recommend taking him on.


CamoDad är rekommenderad av averagejoe (2017-02-23)

CamoDad is an amazing guy. First and foremost, he is the friendliest person you could ever hope to meet. In addition, he is skilled and impressively strong; and can lay a move on you out of the blue that is strikingly fast and painful. Although our match was brief (my fault), he was able to bring the pain and successfully achieve some very dominating moves. I give him high recommendations and look forward to rolling with him again.

44278 recommendations

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