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Wrestling Angel är rekommenderad av Brisco (2017-11-21)

Great guy. Handsome and built like a statue. Extremely friendly and gentle off the mats and fun on them. Very patient with my inexperience. One of my all time favorites.


Pecador är rekommenderad av Brisco (2017-11-21)

We've met a couple times over the years and always have fun with this energetic, creative cockfighter. Evenly matched, sweaty, erotic battle. We are long time rivals and look forward to our next showdown.


Prosubswrestler är rekommenderad av de88dc (2017-11-21)

Prosubwrestler was an incredible opponent. Well-built, strong, and a perfect attitude for our match. We went back and forth with pro moves. He does equally well on both sides of a hold and knows how to keep things fun and interesting for both sides. Outside of the match he is equally wonderful. He is one of the friendliest and most welcoming guys i have faced yet. I felt comfortable with him from the start. My highest recommendation. My only regret is that it took us so long to match up!


gamersduo är rekommenderad av Mark uk (2017-11-21)

Met this guy back in seattle a while ago. Real nice guy and fun to wrestle with. Def up to meet again.


Raufbold är rekommenderad av casalutte (2017-11-20)

i was pleased to meet wolf for a good moment of sweet wrestling. Strong legs indeed and very friendly.
hope to meet u once again.


SportWrest är rekommenderad av Latinpecs (2017-11-20)

Great wrestler tall and lean strong body
He is great with his legs
Great off the mats
Highly recommended looking forward to rematch


Latinpecs är rekommenderad av SportWrest (2017-11-20)

Great fighter. Incredible body, tight and muscled. His biceps are amazing.
He knows how to fight and is strong.
Sure I will repeat it.


Submission är rekommenderad av figure4leglock (2017-11-20)

It was a pleasure to meet and tussle with this guy after we have been chatting for so long. He has great strength and a great range of holds. His figure 4 leg lock is something else, not only does he know how to work it but he knows how to punish and control with it.

Had a great time so thank you for the evening of fun.


Wrslr24 är rekommenderad av hobbitbear (2017-11-20)

Big, strong dude that definitely knows what he's doing on the mats. Had a great time and hope to have many more matches in the future with him if I'm lucky. 😊


WrstL1980 är rekommenderad av zetizef (2017-11-20)

This hot guy was kind enough not to wreck me as I'm sure he could have done, considering how strong and trained he is, and instead kept the fight going to keep it fun for both of us. That was intense, sweaty, energetic and 100% enjoyable. Wrestling aside, he's also a nice an interesting guy to talk to, I was very happy to meet him and I can only recommand him warmly.

53144 recommendations

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