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RingerBRB är rekommenderad av fischerkla (2017-03-27)

RingerBRB, Martin, ist ein sehr sehr starker und sehr fairer Gegner, gegen den ich keine Chance hatte, ein match zu gewinnen, aber es hat großen Spaß gemacht seine Muskeln und seine Kraft in dem Kampf zu spüren. Ich bin auch ein "voyeur" von gutem Ringen, und ich hab es genossen, ihn bei diesem kleinen Turnier gegen alle seine Gegner gewinnen zu sehen. meine Komplimente und Glückwünsche mit der Hoffnung ein weiteres match gegen ihn bestreiten zu können. Strong bearhug - Klaus


Ftlfightr är rekommenderad av spiilitwill (2017-03-27)

had a blast with that guy. glad i was able to keep up. if ur lookin for strong flexible n skilled..look no further.


JFighter är rekommenderad av tomhand37 (2017-03-27)

Had several matches with Jfighter over the years. An awesome wrestle and a great guy! If you want a tough, sweaty battle with a terrfiic wrestler, don't miss Jfighter.


redlandguy är rekommenderad av Hairywrestler midwest (2017-03-27)

Great teacher very skilled and strong and an awesome guy. Highly recommend and looking forward to meeting again


Eagle2009 är rekommenderad av Sarpedon (2017-03-27)

Despite having limited time, Eagle2009 made sure to get in some serious gutpunching and sub with me. He is strong and skilled and def exudes alpha, just makes u want to job, hahaha. Cant wait till next time and have him really see what I can take. Highly recommend Eagle2009 for a match.


Spruceman är rekommenderad av ctrwash (2017-03-27)

Hey men,
You want a match with an unstoppable bull of a wrestler? Then you've come to the right man. Take my word, and look at Just Dan's recommendation if you want further proof. I'm not the greatest wrestler, but I've met guys equal to or less powerful than I. But holy hell...I was NO MATCH for Spruce! This guy is formidable on the mat. Not only that, he conditions daily with 1000 to 1500 ab crunches, giving him a high-charged and balanced core he uses to the fullest. Age doesn't matter. He can wup anybody. Give him a try and be prepared! He is a great guy, a solid friend. Take him on!


beatdowntime är rekommenderad av RNC23 (2017-03-27)

It so good to finally meet up with Beattowntime!! Guy looks bigger in person than in his pictures! A ton of fun to wrestle around with too. Our match lasted a few hours, but felt like minutes! Cant wait to meet up again with him!


Sarpedon är rekommenderad av Eagle2009 (2017-03-27)

Even tho, we had a short match but been texting for abit also. I got to meet him during a crazy schedule but manged to get in two rounds with hkm at his place. Nice, friendly, clean, and very understanding that had 3 things to do and different area software the state, but definitely meeting up again and going to show him who the true Alpha male is and work him over good because I know he cam take it


RNC23 är rekommenderad av beatdowntime (2017-03-27)

Awesome guy. Fun, strong, great legs. We hung out and wrestled for a long time and it was an incredibly fun time. I cannot say enough about what a great guy he is.


MEGRAPPLE är rekommenderad av notcom (2017-03-27)

Megrapple has wrestled over 100 opponents since 2011.

That’s an impressive number, and behind it is an impressive wrestler and person too.

He makes the effort, whether it is to travel and be on time, to be super friendly and helpful off the mats and to wrestle hard and fair when he is on the mats.

So if you want to wrestle a guy who is appropriate, fun, experienced, super friendly and many other good things besides, do yourself a favour and meet up with Megrapple. Highly recommended!

I look forward to wrestling Megrapple again very soon!

45124 recommendations

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