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gardenboy är rekommenderad av ScottsdaleAZ (2017-07-28)

Bob and I had been bantering and getting to know each other for 8 months when I received the honor of an invitation to Ohio. I readily accepted and anticipated for weeks the opportunity to tangle with the highly recommended gardenboy. I will say: BEST WRESTLING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

Bob was strong, quick, agile, and crafty on the mat, and the warnings about his leg holds bear heeding! We fought at every opportunity, and enjoyed it all. That said, Bob is a safe and sane gentleman in all respects, so much so that I invited him to be my virgin gutpunch experience. Bob gave me an enthusiastic workover to my tolerance, and was respectful the entire way. Enjoyed every punch, especially with the pleasure of viewing the expression on his handsome, manly face as he enjoyed dishing it out.

Although Bob and I fought like exuberant schoolboys, his hospitality off the mat was exemplary and he is good company in all respects. Should you have the honor and privilege to fight with Bob, take it.

I wrestled a man, and made a great friend. Our rematch is already set.


lancerguy001 är rekommenderad av Greekwrestler2 (2017-07-28)

GREAT TIME!! I had the pleasure of locking up with Lancerguy001 today. Super fun, competitive, great communication, and the real deal, I could not have asked for more. Can't wait to lock up again with this fromidable opponent and just a great guy. If you get the chance with Lancerguy, you should!!!


ScottsdaleAZ är rekommenderad av gardenboy (2017-07-28)

It is very seldom that I find someone who has the total package as Robert. We spent multiple days together wrestling to see who the top dog was, and still is! He definitely was the better wrestler although the taps were even. He is one hell of a fighter and also one hell of a man. His wrestling skills, strength and looks are not his only strengths. He is as human as they come. Very safe and respectful of all limits. If you get the chance to roll with him you had better bring your A plus game. He receives the highest recommendation I have ever given on this site, and I have fought some tremendous guys. If MF is ever looking for "the face" of this site, it is definitely Robert!!!!


SPWrestler är rekommenderad av curtolutas3 (2017-07-28)

Uma pessoa incrível!!!!
Foi minha primeira luta, eu era cru de tudo e não sabia nem o que fazer!
Ele conduziu a luta como cavalheiro que é, para que fosse ótimo para ambos, lutamos duas vezes e infelizmente para nós brasileiros ele retornou ao seu país de origem.
Um dia gostaria de encontra-lo, já que agora estou um pouco mais hábil, mais do que recomendado!!!

An amazing person!!!!
It was my first fight, I was raw from everything and did not even know what to do!
He led the fight as a gentleman who is, so that it was great for both of us, we fought twice and unfortunately for us Brazilians he returned to his country of origin.
One day I would like to meet you, since I am now a little more skilled, more than recommended !!!


wrestlingotter är rekommenderad av Abecedarian (2017-07-28)

Great guy all around. Fun on the mat, easy to talk to and was able to organize a group match pretty quickly. Would love to be able wrestle him again.


BRIT PRO HEEL är rekommenderad av TigerWizard (2017-07-28)

It was great to meet Brit pro on the 22/7. Very ethuastic and keen Brit pro wrestler. Has some great moves. A great deal of fun and pleasure to wrestle. Look forward to hooking up again some time in the future. A great guy out of the ring as well.


Abecedarian är rekommenderad av wrestlingotter (2017-07-28)

An exceptional host who is sure to give you a challenge! He is a great guy with a solid skill set on the mats. Don't miss the opportunity to lock up with him.


dailyplanet är rekommenderad av cyclone74 (2017-07-27)

This guy is a must meet for a wrestling match. Very polite and good guy off the mats. His legs flex very nicely to enjoy worshipping after the match


riddlemethis100 är rekommenderad av wrestlingotter (2017-07-27)

A skilled, confident, and controlled fighter. My time on the mats with him goes down as some of my favorite. You're in for an awesome time if you get to battle this stud!


fitlad35 är rekommenderad av Domino (2017-07-27)

Had an absolute blast with Fitlad35! Thoroughly down to earth, friendly guy, who totally gets the pro thing. Even though it was his first pro experience, he played the jobber role brilliantly, taking more bodyslams than anyone I've wrestled before and really getting into the roleplay aspect. Also looks amazing in his gear! Big thumbs up from me.

48733 recommendations

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