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Naina är rekommenderad av Wrestler65 (2018-01-17)

Naina ist eine sympathische und kräftige Gegnerin, der man anmerkt,
dass sie Spaß am Kämpfen hat.
An der Verfeinerung ihrer Technik arbeiten wir noch ein wenig. ;)
Manchmal vergeudet sie noch zu viel Energie in ihren Aktionen.
Trotzdem ist es ihr gelungen, gegen mich zu punkten.
Ich kann sie nur wärmstens empfehlen und freue mich schon auf unser nächstes Treffen.


AD idf är rekommenderad av BIOHAZARD (2018-01-17)

Alain is a star. He is a truly genuine guy.

I have stayed twice with Alain, he meets me at 5ge airport, takes me to his home, we have great chats and he is a wonderful instructor.

I learnt a lot in the time I had lessons, they really helped.

He knows a lot about positions, how to get the right angles on guys, it’s Ll there.

If you get a chance to fight with him, you most likely will lose, but it will be great fun trying to keep up with him.


mlklutador är rekommenderad av Antton64 (2018-01-17)

We've been talking for monthes about this match and it didn't disappoint at all.
First, he is cute, masculine and had a muscular body (much more than on his pics).
Then, on the mat, he is a bull and we had a real sweaty match both in gi and in no gi. Perfect mix of competitive and fun! Don't underestimate him because he may be able to submit even bjj trained guys!
To finish, even he is extremely provocative, he is a very nice (and a little shy) guy who is a must meet in Sao Paulo, not only as a fighter but also as a person.
100% recommended!


Antoine357 är rekommenderad av Lutteurnubf (2018-01-17)

Très combatif il m a eu un ai des progrès à faire contre lui c est une personne exceptionnelle pour moi j ose le dire! Lutter contre lui c est top ! Moi vraiment j ai des progrès à faire. ..


Wrestler65 är rekommenderad av Naina (2018-01-17)

Super Erfahrung! Zuverlässig, super nett, stellt sich auf das Gegenüber ein, rücksichtsvoll. Ich habe einiges dazugelernt und echt eine schöne Zeit mit ihm gehabt. Er kennt sich aus in der Szene und weiß genau was er tut.


Firoko är rekommenderad av ringerffm (2018-01-17)

Firoko ist ein sympathischer Gegner, der als jobber durchaus überzeugt. Hat Spass gemacht und kann ihn empfehlen.


DCPanther är rekommenderad av carolina wrestler (2018-01-17)

I had the great opportunity to meet DC Panther in one of my first matches and then several other times. He has pro wrestling in his blood, and we had a great back and forth match. I highly recommend this gentleman if u traveling to the DC area. He is a very genuine individual and relieable. Looking for our next match!


ringmaster är rekommenderad av The Enigma (2018-01-17)

A pleasure to spend just over an hour on the mats wrestling this big strong fella. When he side headlocked and bearhugged me early on I thought I was in for a pasting but managed to get him down and got a one handed choker on him which weakened him gradually, almost thought I had him out but he managed to wrap those big strong legs round my head and kept me there until a power wank finish. Good contest. Never been thigh choked for that long before, shot loads


LutteurBlois är rekommenderad av Bamm-Bamm (2018-01-17)

What an unexpected pleasure! The meet was set up quite last minute: easy, open and straightforward communication. Taking the train to go 10’ outside of Paris has been a very welcome break out of the business of the city. Huge thank you to LutteurBlois for hosting me on his mats. He’s a very warm and nice person to be with.
On the mats he’s a strong jobber who isn’t afraid to challenge his heel. Face sitting, choking, ... It’s been huge fun playing with his naturally toned body. He’s an attractive guy and very modest about it.
If you’re into heel/jobber fights, or if like me you want to give it a try, I strongly recommend him.
Hope to meet you again, man.


Nakofi är rekommenderad av st7 (2018-01-17)

Nakofi is not a man, he is a mountain. Beware of those huge legs, getting out of them is quite hand and they are beyond strong. We were both exhausted but still managed to have a nice wrestle. I need to meet him again both of us on our top game. Nice guy, reasonable and reliable. And one hell of a challenge

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