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£100 cashRay83's blog

Offering cash for guys to wrestle me

Love wrestling outdoors on grassy asses

Yeah I have one bad recommendation but as the guy who left it has since blocked me u have no way to contact him

Come on guys cash waiting

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Get Asked AlotImtiazAli's blog

Rather than changing my profile for a short while; I'll write it here.

Q: I get asked a lot if I'm a part of the Spotland Scrappers.

(I have no idea why... I don't know how they confuse me with Ray Junior mainly, and others...)

A: No, I'm not... However they are a nice bunch of lads.

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For newbies: should you prefer another beginner to a skilled opponent?paulwhite's blog

As a newbie, who to look for as a potential opponent? :)

When looking for another beginner as your wrestling date, you may think it is better as the match is going to be more even / balanced and it won't hurt so much! :D My experience says it really doesn't work like this. ;)

Meeting a skilled wrestler means meeting someone who:
1) has met many skilled and unskilled fighters before,
2) knows a bit how the fight is going on, what hurts, which hold can cause an injury etc.,
3) has reccomendations in profile you can read
4) is not afraid to meet other guys and usually it is easier to agree about a meeting,
5) probably is willing to coach you a bit and teach you some of his skills,
6) also was a beginner once

From my point of view, definitely do not be afraid of skilled wrestlers as a newbie! Many skilled wrestlers are happy to initiate a newbie to wrestling and invite them to "the club".

Enjoy! :)

PS: this entry was part of my discussion in the interest group "Newbies training center".

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Motel Wrestler wrote about me:SuperVilão's blog

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Continuous defeatalpinisto's blog

I had done a mistake. For inspired by the approaching spring's warm weather and an attempt to get fit again I had increased my running, yet had not realised the consequences of running a distance longer that I had been used to the previous two years, and also doing so across the highest hill in the local neighborhood. And remaining immobile the day after for the nine hours' bus drive to Berlin didn't help me either. Still I felt fresh when I the following day was to meet Sperling for wrestling.

I had wrestled him when I had visited Berlin two months earlier and then I had made several pictures of our fight, as I thought that this could give me an idea about how to counteract his well planned control attacks on me. But little did it help, for every time I caught him between my legs he always managed to press free, this way opening an invitation for him to even more control of me. I had hoped that my fitness could be a bit better than his, but apparently I had destroyed my readyness with the hard run I had done a few days before. So even though it now was the third time I had wrestled Sperling he again could claim his victory.

Just like the last time, Sperling's friend Tom now wanted to have a match with me while I was there. This time we started relaxed so he didn't flatten me out like he had done when we had wrestled back in January. I was better prepared this time, as I now knew how strong he was, and I actually managed to have a good match with him. Obviously I again lost to him, but for me it is always a pleasure to wrestle a strong and muscular body as Tom had.

As always when I am in Berlin I stayed the days with my good wrestling mate kleiner kerl, and it had become usual that several of his wrestling friends showed up for a match on Saturday, so this day becomes my main wrestling day while I am there. Usually one or two of these guys are some I had never wrestled before, and so it also was this time, with Martin from Brandenburg as the new guy. Of course kleiner kerl had previously wrestled him, but I had never done so. We had about the same weight, and he was a bit shorter than me - and therefore more compact. Also he was five years younger than me and more trained, so it should be no surprise that I also lost this match. Still I had a good fight, for it is always a pleasure to wrestle a safe and sane guy like Martin.

Xxlbear came next. Back in January I had succeeded winning over him following a small accident he had had in the initial stages of our fight. But I had always felt that it was wrong that I had won over him, for he was 30 pounds heavier than me - and even though he is two years older than me he looks very young for his age. I had heard around that he should be a very strong guy, so it shouldn't come much as a surprise that he this time could defeat me. In some way it felt good that our situation now was as it was as it should be. Hopefully I can have an equal match with him next time.

One good thing with staying my Berlin days with kleiner kerl is that he is always ready for a match when I come, so he is probably the guy I have wrestled the most with. It is now nearly a year ago since we had our first match, which he clearly won - but since then his victories had not been so easy, as he every time says that I have grown stronger since last time. Maybe he can be right, but half a year before he had selected one of my leotards to be a leotard of luck for him, for every time we had wrestled, the wearer of this leotard had won our match. I had been so happy that I with him had a place to stay in Berlin, so therefore I this time gave him one of these leotards as a gift, maybe it could be just as good for him as the other leotards had been for me.

So when we were to wrestle he came on me as if shot from a gun - later he told me that he thought this was to be the only way that he could get on top of me. Or maybe sportynord had told him that I had used the same technique when I had been wrestling him the previous month. Anyway, this strategy worked quite well for him, and after that he defended himself like just kleiner kerl can do. Probably I will have to wear one of my similar leotards next time we wrestle.

My last opponent this Saturday was Bernd a.k.a. catchbear1. I had always felt good wrestling him, for with him I several times have managed to win over him. Though it didn't really feel right, for Bernd is both stronger and heavier than me - and also more experienced. But his wrestling goes more on catching, that sometimes he is on top and sometimes his opponent is. While I always try to win any match and therefore are happy the few times I succeed in this. Today was one of these good days, for apparently I this time managed to defeat him. But not for long - for towards the end of our second round he kept me all under control and I couldn't do much against him.

So far I have wrestled every month through the winter season, which had been my plan since October - and actually I have wrestled every month since last July. But why stop here? There are two strong heavyweight guys who have challenged me a year ago, and they both want to have a match with me next month. They both can easily crush me, but I think I will enjoy putting my body to their challenge. Though I probably only can afford visiting one of them coming April.

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Injures continuebogeyedmonk's blog

Just as I felt I was over the rotator cuff injury, I have been really stupid. I have been doing a different job at work and not coping very well with the extra stress it has bought me, so in my anger and frustration I hit 'my point' and flipped.

I lashed out and punched a metal plate and now I have two broken knuckles and a displaced finger. See the surgeon next week.

I can only say, CRAP and next time dont do it.

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First useGym6xwk's blog

A buddy of mine who is much taller standing 6.4 feet came over and I put him in the bigger of the two singlets. It was still snug on him but it looked really good. I wore the smaller one and we locked up The pouch is minimal but at least it does a good job of covering your balls. I would not recommend these for No holes barred wrestling unless you don't mind some really close contact.

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A mixed fighting experiencebobbyFIGHTER's blog

A female co-worker and I were having difficulties getting along at work, constantly arguing on how to get things done. We took our arguments to the boss too many times, until we were told to stop, leaving us in a quandary as to how to get on with the job, so we decided to settle things physically, in a private room with some mats, see the matted room image. Before I proceed, I would like to say that this is a true story. I am 5’ 10” and 165 lbs, 60 yo while she is about 5’ 6” and 140 lbs, 39 yo, and German nationality. Nice looking, but what a bitchy persona! Fluent at English though. So we went to a private room with a very big set of mats to settle our “discussion”. She was a black bikini, barefoot, and me a speedo, also barefoot. Certainly as we faced each other on the mats, I was confident that this was going to end well. I agreed to her terms, where she could do punches and kicks to the body, while I could only wrestle back. We began by circling each other, each looking for an opening. It was not long before she moved forward with lightening speed, kicking the side of my right knee, also hooking her foot into my knee, twisting the knee, and putting me down on my ass. My knee hurt. She laughed as she waited for me to get up. I rose, on a very shaky knee, and she moved forward fast, first slapping me hard across the face, which surprised me, then landing a swift uppercut into my gut. As I bent forward from the uppercut, she jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around my middle and placing pressure on the back of my neck with both hands. Give that my knee was wobbly, I collapsed backwards, with her landing on top of me. I quickly wrap my leg around hers, retarding her forward movement and preventing her from moving into a school “girl” pin. She softly told me to let go of her leg, and when I did not, her next move was to quickly reach her hand down and lock unto my testicles....squeezing hard. I still did not release her leg, and as she realised she did not have a good grip on my nuts, she quickly repositioned her grasp, let at a smile as I gasped....Now she had me, and again she told me to release her leg that was being held my leg. I now had little choice, so I released her leg, and suddenly found myself in a grapevine. I found myself getting very hard as she forced my legs apart, and as I stared into her eyes, with her face just above me, with a “knowing” smile. With my arms pinned, and my legs spread, it was time for me demonstrate something, anything, so I used my superior leg muscle to force her legs to close. Not much of a victory, but now I was desperate for anything....She did not like this display of strength, so she broke the hold and stood. As I sat up though, she stuck me in the chest with a lightening fast kick, that sent me back down horizontal with the mat, and stunned from the blow. She then backed off a bit, allowing me to get to my feet, but again, a swift front snap kick to my balls, sending me down to my knees. She then wasted no time in successfully placing me in an arm bar, with my arm trapped between her legs, and both of her feet firmly planted on my face.....
This was pretty much it, as I tried to first tap out, and then shouted submit, but she decided to conduct a conversation before releasing me, making me apologize, agree to work for her, and also a few other humiliations. Later at work, I learned that 15 years ago she was the German BJJ champion, so I guess the moral of my story is, be careful what you wish for.....

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interesting timesRingwrestler123's blog

I have and am having a amazing time, met 3 perfect jobbers recently which has been a success so long live that.
also the group Tag meet at Walthamstow wrestling room 22nd march 2017 went extremely well with some brilliant wrestlers and I want to thank the guys who attended a big thankyou , they worked extremely hard to ensure the day ran smoothly, we all got in the ring unfortunately there were uneven number of 5 guys but hey it still went well as we took it turns to tag partners and one guy referee with thanks to Essexuk britpro who played the role well, then we felt it was time to teach the guys the art of pro wrestling , give and take and by gum it worked well,
future World of sport style pro tag to come
thanks guys

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Man on the Street...pinningmuscle's blog

I read a post on Facebook the other day that put an evil grin on my face. The post would put that same grin on many of the faces of the members of MeetFighters. The post was from another guy into wrestling and it read: “It is wrong that I want to wrestle one of my co-workers?”
See…I’m sure all of you reading this have that evil grin and are nodding your heads like I did. I wanted to respond, ‘that’s not only 100% right, but that’s a daily occurrence for anyone who gets into wrestling, fighting or any type of power-based sport”. Face it, not a day goes by when you don’t see a guy that you’d love to wrestle. Maybe it’s his face that grabs you as you wonder what that handsome face would look like trapped in your biceps as you lock on a headlock. Or maybe it’s his body that propels you to launch into a fantasy world where you have a need to determine if you could beat him in a match.
It happens in the office. It happens on the street. In the train on the way to work. At the beach. In the gym. In a restaurant. Any place where able-bodied men are allowed to roam freely. It’s natural for guys into wrestling to fighting to experience a heightened curiosity about a well-built guy they encountered in everyday life. I’ve found myself obsessing over guys I’ve seen on the beach or in the gym. Something about seeing more of their bodies or their muscles engaged in an activity tend to get my mind racing about squaring off against them. And groups like this only intensify our curiosity since we see that wrestling attracts a much larger cross section of men than we may have thought possible. Maybe that stud you are checking out on the pec deck is just as into the primal needs to beating the crap out of another man as you are. Perhaps that hot young Republican looking dude filing away at the office has the same needs that you have that only can be squelched by an hour on the wrestling mats.
I’ve found these day dreams to be quite normal. Any guy drawn to wrestling and fighting will naturally size up an opponent and wonder about the skills and power of another man. It beckons up those primal needs that draw us to wrestling in the first place. We need to see what another man can do, how his muscle and mind will respond to our moves and holds. Do we have the skills to take this studly stranger down? Is he hiding a secret talent under that suit? So the next time you see a guy that makes you wonder, give an evil grin, bounce your pecs…and maybe just maybe, you’ll find an opponent.

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