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The Guy Lied AgainWrestlerandGeek's blog

Here is what the wrestler who stole my singlet wrote "I'm shipping you the hvcc and the smittys barn singlet. Those two are as good as yours. The white low cut singlet with the stars is needed for the website so I can't send that one. I can ship out on Monday if you want me to send you pics of the North Dakota one. I head to work in a couple hours so I can send you the package on Monday with the extra singlet."

This wrestler should be banned. Seriously. He promised to send me my two singlets back and then he tells me he had my one singlet stolen!? Then to replace it he says he would send me a singlet of equal value, and the asshole is going to send me something else (he probably wont now that i confronted him about his lie)? Like what the hell. I am sick of people on this site getting away with hurting others and no one doing anything about it! Im the jerk. Always the jerk even though i have never robbed any one of you. I am livid. Utterly livid because he is going to get away with doing what he wants. Done. I have included the singlet that he stole which was stolen from him and for which he tried to replace with some shit quality singlet. If anyone sees this singlet on a meetup please have some decency and ask the person to return it to me. Dont be like this other wrestler om here i cannot name because it goes against site policies. Be honest.

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MarioRhodyRaybo's blog

I just had a wrestling session with a new guy. He's not on Meetfighters, though I hope he does sign up someday. He answered my CL ad. He was 70 lbs lighter than I was, admitted he had never wrestled before, and doesn't work out. When we stripped down I noticed his 150 lb frame was nothing but pure muscle. When I told him to try to take me down, boy, DID HE EVER take me down. I showed him some moves and he used some on me that I didn't teach him. YIKES! Was I being conned? Or was he just a natural at it? I see no point in him conning me. He wasn't trying to rob me or take my money or place a bet. So I think he's a natural. I sure hope he is able to wrestle some more in the future. Unfortunately, like most married wrestlers, his wife doesn't know. So it could be months before I see him again. Anyway, I am so glad I had a brief time of wrestling with the small, yet strong and scrappy, "Mario".

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I'm BackNJWoodbridge's blog

After a long hiatus, I am back wrestling as of May 1. I actually wrestled three times in the past month with long-time wrestling buds from out of town, so if you are heading my way
please do not hesitate to contact me.

My favorite style of wrestling is promission by which I mean the match has some sub, some pro, sometimes competitive, sometimes give and take, and it's pretty much non-stop, multiple submission. It's a great work out and it 's a good chance to learn and to try new holds/moves.

I also like strict competitive submission wrestling (but I am not as competitive as I once was) with or without body strikes. I also enjoy jobber/heel matches (in either role); indeed, I am quite the "Gentleman Heel" and a very durable jobber. I am not a fan of pro fantasy where everything is faked or cyber matches. The "struggle" is what attracts me to wrestling, and I want to feel the holds and the strikes.

My primary objective is a good work out. I like it as rough as either of us can handle and I am okay with weight and age disparities. I permit body strikes, dirty tactics, and erotic, but NONE are required. We adjust intensity to ensure everyone has a good time. Like most members, most of my training has been by doing and by learning from others. So, I have no ego to bruise.

Safety and sanity is always a priority. I am not afraid of pain, a few bruises or even a "nick" or cut, but I do not want to end up in the ER; and I would feel even worse if I sent you there.

We all have our rules. I am not a mind-reader so please tell me your rules when we communicate. I want my limits respected as I shall respect yours (just tell me what they are before and during the match).

I reply to all inquiries (I am old-fashioned that way), and I gladly chat with anyone. New members are welcome to contact me for "sage" advice even if you do not want to wrestle with me - I had invaluable mentors when I started 12+ years ago, and now it's my duty and honor to help others who are getting started (I still remember my naivete and my apprehensions).


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My Pro-Wrestling Illustration SeriesDetective Mask's blog

I'm currently working on a pro-wrestling illustration series in my Manga Pro-Wrestling website. The characters are from a long-running Japanese comic and animation series.

So far, I've posted illustrations featuring a Lock-up, a Full Nelson, and a Side Headlock. I'm posting the illustrations on a monthly basis for the next few months, and I hope I finally get to wrap this up this year.

For those interested in viewing the series, you can proceed to this link:

UPDATE: The poster that originally came along with this blog entry had to be reclassified, so I've decided to feature some of the illustrations I've posted for this series. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Do you prefer to wrestle at a hotel or at home?osakarob's blog

"Which do you prefer: Meeting up in a hotel for a match, or going to a wrestler's home?"

A number of years ago, I lived in Japan - a country notorious for cramped living quarters and crowded urban cities. But it was also the place where I was first able to connect with other wrestlers.

Naturally, finding suitable places to grapple in privacy was no easy task.

I was fortunate to meet Cobra, the nom de guerre of the owner of Japan's most famous (gay) wrestling video site, WrestleFactory. In those early days, before his video company grew to the success that it is today, he used an extra room in his house outfitted with jigsaw mats. My first matches were there and, looking back, I was really fortunate to have met someone kind, welcoming and accommodating to share their private space at home. Later, Cobra invested in a full-sized ring housed in a garage, but I only wrestled there a couple of times because it was more suited for his video production needs.

During subsequent years in Japan, I took advantage of meet-ups in "love hotels", Japan's version of short-stay hotels used for intimate rendezvous, high-school mat rooms, regular hotels, and the well known rentable ring space in Shibuya. But my most enjoyable match-ups were in the small tatami-style living room of my apartment that I outfitted with mats. The enjoyment of welcoming several wrestlers over at a time for an afternoon of different opponents is probably something I'll never replicate again. It was just one of those "right times in life" when everything came together: Japan is an incredibly safe country and as a single guy at the time it was easy to even welcome strangers into my home after setting up a wrestling date online. (Like the ancient image from the archives included in this post) What a huge evolution it is now to have a sight like MeetFighters with verifiable members and dossiers of confirmed opponents!

I repatriated myself back to the USA some years ago and eventually settled down. These days, I've been more selective about matches, opponents, and venues. My wrestling preferences have also changed over the years and now after a couple of submission style tries, I prefer to end with oil matches on a tarp. Naturally, hotels are easier for that than hosting at my home. But as with everything in life....there are tradeoffs: cost and availability being the most significant. But also, safety and comfort - establishing enough trust and "relational capital" with a prospective opponent to meet at a hotel feels different than it did back when I was younger. Maybe older and wiser just means more cautious.

All of these thoughts got me to thinking:

"Given that everyone has individual circumstances, generally speaking which do you prefer - meeting up in a hotel for a match or going to a wrestler's home?"

I'd be quite interested to hear why members of this site have the preferences that they do!

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Dead Serious--I'm for Real--Let's WrestleSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

I am into the scene here for real. I need to convince more guys here that is the case in order to get in more time on the mats.

Although I have been able to get in more matches the past couple months, I'm wanting to do yet more. Trying to find enough local guys to wrestle so I can get in 2-to-4 training/wrestling encounters a week. Also into just about any of the martial arts–gi or no gi, also gi wrestling. Been posting in the matches-wanted section here; but no luck so far from that – wondering if members check out that feature.

If you are Washington DC area local, let's get together. If your know wrestlers & mma related men wanting to train on a regular basis, pls let them know I am looking. He can be of any level from first day on the site for me to mentor, to a thousand or more matches under the belt to mentor me. This quest is NOT for sex [That can be found just about anywhere] That, if it happens at all won't happen the first couple hours on each encounter. I want the real thing this site is named for first.

Usually available. If you have suggestions, pls let me have them. Check out my profile, including recommendations. Current 2017 Photo.

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No showsVanman's blog

If I have ever missed a meet with someone hopefully I have let them know well beforehand. If not I apologise now.

I don't understand just not turning up it makes things difficult for other wrestlers and matroom providers. Sometimes with a significant cost.

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An intense, but too short fightalpinisto's blog

A new month - and a new wrestling fight. Last month I had the impression that I in April would have two opponents to choose between this month, but I never got to wrestle any of them, for the first guy also planned to attend the International Wrestling Camp in Lindow coming June, and since I would be going there myself I could wrestle him there. While with the other guy I could not decide the day for a meeting this April. So I had to think of other possibilities - and that possibility came from a much unexpected angle.

Last year, in June, I had planned to meet several other wrestlers during a trip to Paris, but I was then forced to cancel that trip because of strikes in Paris, and since then I had kept a note of those guys I had planned to wrestle then. Much to my surprise one of these guys, Stoker, was not living in Paris, France but in Naples, Italy. Thinking that I maybe had got his name wrong then I contacted him again to find out if he was still a potential opponent for me - and indeed he was!

However, he had no plans of coming to Paris again in the near future, but he would be coming to Frankfurt am Main for Easter, and if I could get to Frankfurt he would be happy to wrestle me in his hotel room there. I knew that it was relatively easy for me to get to Frankfurt, and since I had most of the Easter days free I could easily come down to Frankfurt for a match with him.

I arrived in Frankfurt in the late Friday evening, and then it would be too late to wrestle. But right the Saturday morning we cleared the mattress of pillows and duvets and started to wrestle. Stoker was probably the strongest wrestler I have ever fought. He didn't compress me or minimized the fighting space just like my Berlin friend kleiner kerl did, so compared to him the fight with Stoker was more open. But I could not use that extra space for much, for Stoker was immensely strong and he probably was the strongest wrestler I had ever fought. I was taller than him and also 20 kgs heavier, but with Stoker I felt like a puppy in his hands.

Our fight was intense but short. Stoker sent me tapping out two or three times, and only once I got him in a head scissor, which he had no problems freeing himself of. Suddenly Stoker stopped wrestling because I was bleeding from my head. I had not noticed this, for I tend to never notice small wounds, and as I had not felt anything unusual it probably was just a small cut. But Stoker had several times before had opponents bleeding. Actually he told me that he had a growing interest for such tough fights. He was going to meet two guys this May in Scotland, where he hoped that he could have some very intense matches. I was only happy that I had met up with Stoker before he had become even stronger!

Stoker had not come to Frankfurt with the aim of wrestling but for holiday - but of course he had been happy that he could have another wrestling opponent while here. My cut wouldn't stop bleeding, probably because of the medication I have taken after the blood clot, so we stopped wrestling this day and hoped we could have a second match the following morning. Instead we could use today as tourists, for none of us had been to Frankfurt before.

We never got to wrestle the following morning, for we had to pack up and check out from the hotel before noon - and maybe it was better so, as he the day before had told me that after this next match I would cease to exist. I had the impression that this threat had never been real, for in such case I knew that I would be able to defend myself. But while on the flight home I was thinking if wrestling was the right thing for me after all. For I had never been a fighter, and with this attitude how should I ever become a better wrestler? I had always wished to be wrestled by the better wrestlers, but Stoker had showed me that wrestling such strong guy was maybe not so desirable. Probably there is a reason why it is recommended to choose opponents with similar stats.

Maybe I would find out when in June I would participate in this wrestling camp in Lindow. But I also knew that it wouldn't take long before I would look forward to my next wrestling match - and I still had not made any appointments for May...!

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Gimmicks, Gimmicks, GimmicksOddJobb's blog

It may be a turn off to many guys, but I'm in love with wrestling gimmicks.
Hell, as a kid that was the reason to watch WWF back then, besides of mucle men who beat each other up. Aww, it was so nice when we believed everything was real... just remember Tatanka, Doink, The Undertaker (I was afraid of him) or Yokozuna.

It just made a great show and since I was bored the last days and have a knack in making stuff up, I just created 3 gimmicks for myself... just for fun and this site. No idea, if they will ever be used.

"Noah Zionistar"
He is confident, he is on the right side. Strangely he is a non-jewish Zionist, something you don't see very often. But yeah, the only democracy in the middle east can always have some strong fans.
Based on my personal love for Israel and the jewish people.

"The Lost Player"
Full of sadness and anger. He got refused by all Rugby teams cause he wasn't capable of team play, which is deadly for this sport. He lost his mind and sees now refusal everywhere, which makes him angry and happy for some hurtful revenge.
Based on my own failures to fit in teams and sport.

"Oddy the Pink"
He likes furry things, is in general very passive but can be playful with provocation. His mission is to make fun of the manliness of wrestling putting more pink and cuddles into fights. When he likes his opponent he wants to hug and fondle. How to scare hetero men!
Based on my own fear of touching other men and the wish for contact sports.

Here we go... I have really fun in posing and dressing up and just work with characters. It takes me out of depression for a short time. And people seem to like it on here. :D

Have fun guys!

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New Day For Indy Prowrestling In Washington??nwfan53's blog

Apparently our governor signed a bill in the last day or two that will make it easier for indy wrestling shows to be staged in Washington. Still looking for an explanation of what they did but one report I heard this AM sounds like it allows pro wrestling schools to stage smaller events eg you just can't waltz into the state as a promoter and put on an event - you have to partner with someone in state. Ideally it will mean we get shows going into the smaller real venues with trained performers rather than some bar in Seattle.

Along that thought, I found it interesting that WCWC had Caleb Conley on their last show in Portland. Caleb had/has a contract to work for Impact/TNA Wrestling and I think he works primarily works down in the SE. Definitely interesting to see how he works his matches.

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