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I want a group of men basic and primal in thoughts and live that way. PRIMAL MAN.

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2017-11-20Jman77's blog

A change is gonna come...
...I'm ready for it.

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My First and moving utNightmareera's blog

I heard i be moving to another place due to my new job if i get it. I going to be working at UPS and might get a part time job in wrestling company. so right now those jobs is waiting for my name. My training for both skateboarding and other sport i do is working hard.My combat sport is kinda off so i need sparring. I love making friends and fighting against them and also ding mix fight too..

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Karate essencetouro's blog

Karate é uma arte marcial japonesa, tradução literal é "Kara" vazio e "Te" mão, mão vazia, lutar sem armas. Só com as armas naturais, punhos, cotovelos, joelhos, pernas, cabeça, seu objectivo inicial foi a defensa pessoal tem ai objectivo de cada golpe seja com a máxima potencia

Karate es un arte marcial japonés, la traducción literal es "Kara" vacío y "Te" mano, mano vacía, luchar sin armas. Sólo con las armas naturales, puños, codos, rodillas, piernas, cabeza, su objetivo inicial fue la defensa personal tiene a objetivo de cada golpe sea con máxima potencia

Karate is a Japanese martial art, the literal translation is "Kara" empty and "Te" hand, empty hand, fight without weapons. Only with natural weapons, fists, elbows, knees, legs, head, your initial objective was the personal defense you have to aim each stroke with the maximum power

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The Knee Situation, Vol 3FighterGuyy blogja

Previous installments:

I was holding off on writing an update on the Knee Situation for some time now, largely because I had nothing good to write, and whining does not become a Fighter.

After some agonizingly slow improvement, finally in September my knee took a turn for the worse. Suddenly things I had fought hard to regain through physical therapy were gone again. Including basics, like walking five blocks without pain.

It was harrowing, because one can live with a constant struggle as long as there is an end in sight, no matter how distant. I panicked, went to see the surgeon again. Two consults, an X-ray and an MRI later, I had my diagnosis: my thigh muscle, which has atrophied horrifically after the second surgery and following inactivity, was growing back in an asymmetric manner. Turns out, the thigh muscle is built of fours strands that join at the knee. The inner strand is the fastest to atrophy and it is also the slowest to grow. So after all that happened, my kneecap was not in its proper place, being pulled aside by this lopsidedness.

There was nothing to do about it, just have to struggle through.

One piece of good news was that the graft (the piece of hamstring the extracted to replace the broken tendon) was healthy. Presented with no other choice, I continued with physical therapy.

In the past year I had a grand total of three matches. I can't put enough quotes around the word matches so I won't try. They were like faint reminders of all the fun I used to have. Not any fault of the people involved, they were all extremely nice and tried very hard to not hurt my knee. But my range of motion was severely limited and I spend maybe 90% of my capacity trying to make sure I didn't wrench something.

Finally two days ago I had a meet with Pinstride. It seems that all the time I spent on physio has finally payed off: I could roll without hurting myself, and I actually for real had a great time. He was of course a perfect gentleman and was taking care of me, but there were times when I could forget about everything and just wrestle.

I can't thank him enough.

I'm still somewhat crippled, unable to run and some basic exercises are completely beyond my reach still. But I hope to extend my reach and complete my recovery in 2018. Onward!

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Psychology of a heel and jobberHeel-LA's blog

Why is it such a turn on to watch one person completely dominate and humiliate another?

A more compelling question is, why do some people love to play the heel and others get off on jobbing and being totally controlled and humiliated - physically and verbally? I have always loved to heel so that I can control the action and perform the aggression toward a hapless jobber the way that satisfies me. It's almost like I think it won't be done right if I left it to someone else. Also, having the jobber be willing to fully submit to my whims and bring their fantasy to life as they are mine is mind blowingly hot.

What is in our base nature that produces such a dynamic?

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Karate ...touro's blog

I was born in Karate in 1985, learned a lot, not only with the senseis, with everyone, I lost my extreme shyness, I'm still a little introverted .. but now every day I live this discipline, already a way of life and I always think of it ... thank you so much

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2017-11-18Jman77's blog

Oh how time flies. Before long another will have passed and what will I have to show for it. I try to reach out when I can and develope relationships with others. Definitely easier said that done. Many people I meet don't want what they say they do or want what they haven't said they do.

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A song for usVanman's blog

A couple of days ago a song came on during my commute and I couldn’t help but think that it applied very much to MF and our interactions and the things we get from it.

I’ve been to meets where the average age of attendees would give Methuselah a run for his money. But each guy in their own way was still a teenager, at least for the duration of the meet.

That’s what’s important because we all get old sometime and feeling young seems to extend your life. In effect feeling young let’s you get older!

What we do does NOT make sense to most people. Think of the reactions you’d get from friends if you openly said, I enjoy the challenge of facing another wrestler across the mats. You have no idea what the outcome of the match will be, will it be just a friendly roll or will this guy rip you apart. (Some Guys genuinely surprise you). Any scenario you go into is full of hazards, in fact it is almost foolish to consider doing this stuff. Think of the potential injuries, the embarrassment of explaining to the ambulance crew why your ankle has been snapped!

Having said all of the above, it still makes me smile each time. I have met people from numerous walks of life, countries, lifestyles and ‘preferences’. I have even managed to find opponents older than me!

Each and everyone of them has added so much to me as a person; for this I will always be thankful.

Long may it continue.

Oh by the way the song…….?

Be young, Be foolish, Be happy.

If you aren’t old enough to know it use YouTube.

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Match one donenotSashaBanks's blog


I had myself my first little meetfighters match up and it was wizard! Met a guy local to me in Southampton which is pretty neat. He was dead keen on wrestling so it was a no-brainer. He's wrestled a good few people before so a potential challenge for me.

Now the thing with this guy, he was a lovely host but a right pain in the arse when wrestling. He had a fairly substantial size advantage but was quite a bit older and less flexible, so I had the upper hand when it came to stamina and needing to move around.

I say he was a pain in the arse, not because of anything bad, but because he was pretty stubborn when wrestling. He would latch onto a body part, notably one of my legs, and wouldn't let go for all the tea in china (cheers Granddad for the nice modern phrase there!)

This meant we had a fair few stalemates where I had the high ground and "control" but he was locked onto me with considerably more power, leaving me unable to actually move either me or him.

First match, despite his arguments otherwise, was clearly won by yours truly. I had the high ground for the most part, he spent the majority either on his back or side and I got a few decent scissors into play. Neither gave up but I clearly enjoyed more control.

In the second match, I think he had a point to prove! It wasn't long until I found myself in the rather compromising position of being face down on the floor with the best part of 200lbs holding me firmly down.

I think I was let out of that tight spot eventually (which was handy because we wrestled another 25 minutes after) but he was the clear victor of the rematch. I was overpowered for most of it and found it difficult to swim upstream once he was on top.

When it was all said and done, it was a pretty fun night.

I wrote this blog entry whilst drying off from the post-wrestle shower so am popping off to don some attire.

Peace and love,

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